One Room Challenge: A Lovely Lavender Little Girls’ Bedroom

Our one-year-old and three-year-old share a small bedroom with a decently-sized closet. When our 3yo was younger and it was just her in the room, we painted it a pretty shade of purple and put up some artwork. Moving the baby in with her this past spring required some furniture movement. We put the dresser in the closet to make room for a second crib. A few weeks ago, I realized the girls really needed that closet space! So we pulled out the dresser (which meant the rocking chair had to leave the room to make space for it.)

Currently, that empty closet space is collecting tubs of outgrown clothes and needs a total overhaul!  I mean, it’s bad:

It’s a pretty decently-sized closet, but the doorway is so small that accessing the spaces on the sides is tough! I haven’t yet figured out how to fully utilize the space.

The room also could use a little spiffying up in general – some touchup paint, some wall decorations for over the girls’ beds, hooks behind the doors for bags/jackets, a shelf or two.



Floral Decorative Bin / Striped Decorative Bin / Honeycomb Wall ShelfElephant Hook / Wall Bookshelf / Decorative Pillow / Pom Pom Tassel / Flower Poufs / Mint Cube Shelf / White Cube Shelf

Since the walls are lavender and a lot of the current accents (like the drawers on the smaller dresser) are pink, I wanted to tie in some mint along with it. I really love the mint cube shelf!

il_570xn-390772235_8jgkThis is an Etsy listing 😉 but the color scheme, minus the blue, is what I am envisioning for the room. I have always had trouble picking just one color when decorating, and it’s a little girls’ room, so, why not do a rainbow?

There is also a window seat (the elementary-school me is sooo jealous – what I wouldn’t have given to have a window seat to sit on and read!) But it’s currently covered in too-small clothes that need a home, with the dollhouse in front of it, and not being used at all.

Overall, I’m happy with the bones of the room – the furniture, the paint color, the curtains (which have sentimental value) – it just needs some serious organizing with a side of decluttering! The girls are both in cribs, and the just-turned-3yo will get a real bed here in the next couple months. It will come from big brothers’ room as soon as we upgrade a bed in there, hopefully at Christmas! So for now, the 2 white cribs will stay. (I love our cribs, and I love having 2 and not feeling forced to move a toddler before they’re ready!)

  My to-do list:

  • Organize dresser drawers (maybe with some IKEA dresser organizers?)
  • Wall shelf over dresser (honeycomb shelf – planning a DIY since Land of Nod sells them for a cool $69 😉 )
  • 3 hooks for behind door (there are a couple elephants in the room, a wall canvas and a stuffed animal, so the gold elephant hooks would tie in)
  • pillows/make window seat cozy (I’d love a pillow with a cute saying – probably going to DIY and stencil fabric paint)
  • Names/decorations above each bed – the pom-pom tassel garland above is from an Etsy shop I adore, Apricot Polkadot. I found her on Instagram a while back and love the idea of doing some kind of crafty garland above the cribs; she made a darling name garland that I can’t get out of my head! (side note: if you want a seriously HAPPY, bright, beautiful Instagram page to follow, hers is one of my faves!)
  • Catch-all toy bin/bucket – something to contain stuffed animals and dolls that always end up on the floor
  • CLOSET OVERHAUL – utilize cube shelving and canvas bins? The closet mostly needs to hold dresses, shoes, and too-small clothing, but I want it to be pretty and functional!

I’d love to do the whole thing for $120 or less – it depends on if we buy cube shelving or do something cheaper! But this is definitely a lower-budget project (even if I would love to just buy everything from Land of Nod.) 😉

I’m participating in the 6-week, One Room Challenge over at Calling It Home. There are dozens and dozens of great rooms to browse through and draw inspiration from – this is a great way to stay accountable and actually finish what I start! 😀

1459390459036If you have suggestions, especially for the closet organization and using that narrow space behind the walls, please share them! I have a feeling I’m going to be on Pinterest a lot looking for ideas…


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