October 2016 Blog Goals

I have been keeping a running list of goals – both personal and professional – in this cute notebook I picked up from Walmart:

Fresh, new notebooks always inspire me. 😉 I divided a page into 3 sections – September, October, and November blog goals, and I’ve already run out of room. I think I need to have a full page for each month, because I keep thinking of things I want to do!

As Dave Ramsey frequently says, “A goal without a plan is just a dream.” So here are my goals and my follow-through plan for October – this is my accountability!


Side note: Abby @ Just a Girl and Her Blog inspired me to finally start this blog – I adore her clean blog design, her organization projects and printables, and her brand new home is simply stunning. Her blog traffic and income reports are inspiring. I signed up for her email list, which gave me the push I needed to finally press publish! I then bought her ebook/course, Building a Framework, because I wanted to learn everything I could to get started on the right foot.

There are lots of other courses out there, several of which I would love to take sooner rather than later, but this one was extremely affordable and a great starter course. I printed it off and had it spiral-bound, and am working my way through it! She gives great tips on writing awesome content, creating an email list, ads and affiliate networks, and everything else you need to start an awesome blog. You also get access to the Building a Framework Facebook group, which she participates in and is always willing to answer any questions. She had a live Q&A session last week that was incredibly helpful!

My blog goals for October are:

  • finish Building a Framework – and not be afraid to highlight, tab/sticky note, and otherwise mark it up 🙂
  • work on my logo. I kind of jumped right in without having all my blogging ducks in a row, which I’m okay with, but this is something I’ve been needing to do!
  • do some basic housekeeping on A Jar of Pennies – spiff up my About Me page, my mission statement, etc.
  • work on my email subscriber list promotion (a set of “organize your life” printables that I’m super excited about!)
  • become an Etsy affiliate. (I’m waiting to hear back from Affiliate Window, which is their affiliate network) I adore Etsy – I have my own shop on there, A Merry Nest, and love nothing more than finding gorgeous clipart and crafts!
  • continue to shop around and decide what I want for a blog design.
  • buy Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – Michelle from Making Sense of Cents made over $90,000 blogging in August (YES, that’s totally insane!) and has created a course teaching you how to use affiliates to generate income from your blog. (this course is an investment so I may have to hold off another month, but it’s at the top of my list!)

My other business/professional goals:

  • join Skillshare (a creative site with over 7,000 classes) – you get a 3 month free trial, and then it’s only $8/mo to remain a premium member after that. I’ve been really wanting to learn how to use watercolors and to up my (amateur) graphic design skills, so I’m browsing through and picking out a few classes to try before I sign up!
  • continue to promote our start-up, Zelie Wraps. Maybe get the site moved over onto WordPress…

I also have a quarterly goal – to have 50 posts on A Jar of Pennies by Christmas. Eek! That doesn’t sound too bad – it’s only about 3-4 a week, but when I take into account the 5 kids, pregnancy, Etsy shop, and everything else, it becomes a little more daunting! We’ll see how close I can get. 🙂

Why Am I Blogging?

One of my October goals listed above is to really cement my mission statement in place.

First and foremost, I started this blog to share about how I’m cultivating beauty in my life and my (sometimes crazy, chaotic, child-filled) home, on a budget. I am a minimalist at heart. Clutter makes me crazy, and photos of organized spaces make my heart go pitter-patter. However, I am also somewhat of a free spirit, “drop the clothes on the floor and I’ll do the dishes later” gal, so finding a balance between the two is important to me! And I don’t have the funds to create a Container Store craft room, nor do I have the space. But I can make my own spaces beautiful and organized, without spending loads of money; I can share projects that bring me joy.

I am also a saver to the max, who will only buy something if it’s a good bargain and even then, probably not. (Eating out is my big weakness, though!) I have always loved personal finance and helping others achieve their financial goals while working on achieving ours! This blog is a marriage of my two passions – creativity and financial freedom.

I mean, if someone gifted this craft space to me, I’d take it…

So Why Monetize?

Why monetize my blog if I’m so passionate about all this stuff? Why not just write and share info for free?

I’m just going to be upfront about this since it’s important to me to be honest, and also to make sure my heart is in the right place.

A couple reasons:

  1. The content is free for anyone to read. Everything I’m putting on here is free. You aren’t obligated to spend a penny! In fact, I would much rather have thoughtful comments and a great discussion than make money off clicks but not engage with my readers. I want to share ideas and collaborations, and to inspire you. I only promote things that I really am passionate about and that have helped me.
    That’s my favorite thing about reading blogs – it allows someone (the blogger) to earn an income, while giving me awesome ideas that I don’t have to pay for, and if I do pay for something, it’s only because I really want it.
  2. I spend a lot of time here! It may not seem like it, but blogging takes a lot of time! I spent easily 15-20 hours working on this site before even launching, and have spent many more hours brainstorming, goal setting, learning about blogging, learning about Pinterest – so much information! I could have gotten a part-time job instead of doing this and made decent money during the month I’ve spent here. Instead, I’ve put hours into a creative outlet. If I make a few dollars on the back end, it will be because of the time I’ve put into it.
  3. Blog income helps me create even more. I am an ideas person – I have so many crafty and creative ideas and never enough time or money to execute all of them! By making a little on the side, I can reinvest in projects that I can then share with you.
  4. It helps my familyIf I can bring value to my readers while making a little for my family, it’s a win-win.

Thanks for reading this little corner of the internet! Do you have any big goals for October? 4th quarter isn’t usually a big goal-setting time, but I read somewhere that starting a “new years resolution” in November was the best way to ensure you’ll stick with it – so it seems like goal-setting would have a similar outcome!

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