A Chevron Baby Blanket

[This is a re-post from an old blog of mine. post may contain affiliate links]

I fell in love with the knitted chevron blanket idea when Dana of Made Everyday posted a link to The Purl Bee’s baby blankie. She was going to knit one of her own for the baby in her belly. I had a baby in my own belly, and I wanted to make one too! Just one problem, though; I don’t knit. At all. (I’ve tried and have never been successful.) So she gave birth to a baby that was welcomed into the world by one of the most beautiful blankets I have ever seen, and my baby came into the world to a JoAnn Fabric’s bag full of skeins of yarn. I made a few sorry attempts at crochet, but I couldn’t get it right.

Then a few months ago I stumbled across the blog Hopscotch Lane (thanks, Pinterest!) and her own version of a chevron blanket. CROCHET. With a link to a pattern! A simple pattern that a crochet novice like me was actually able to read.
So I whipped up my own crocheted chevron blanket. And I copied her color scheme because I am unoriginal like that. And I used her yarn suggestion – I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby. (I did use a slightly different shade of yellow – a more buttery, pastel shade rather than a bright hue.)
I love the way it turned out! And I adore the colors. When I first started the project, I was worried the yarn wasn’t soft enough for a newborn, but once I got it all together it felt nicer. As I’ve washed it, it has softened up even more.
I then decided to make another one for a friend who just had a baby girl:
 This one is made with Caron’s Simply Soft (which they now sell on Amazon – which is super amazing for a busy mom of a bunch of kiddos! Sometimes getting to the craft store is a pipe dream). It is VERY soft and perfect for a baby. Originally I thought this was a strawberry-ish color scheme, but the more I worked, the more I thought it looked more like a watermelon!
The blankets measure around 30″ by 30″. I used 4 skeins for each (2 yellow and 2 white for the Butter Yellow blanket, and 2 white + 1 of each other color for the Watermelon blanket), and crocheted with an H hook. I love these hooks best – a great value for a 6 pack, and the metal ones feel so nice in your hand – not too heavy, but much sturdier than the plastic ones.
If you’ve crocheted a chevron blanket, I would love to see photos! It made me so happy to know that it IS possible – the world of chevron isn’t exclusive to knitters. 🙂 (I would like to learn to knit, someday…) Leave a link in the comments!