About Me

Hi everyone! I’m Colleen, wife to a great husband and mom to 5 kiddos. I love budgeting and talking money, organizing, interior decorating, taking photos, and anything crafty. I have been a fan and follower of Dave Ramsey and his financial wisdom since I was in high school a decade and a half ago (yeah, I was a nerd!) 😉 I love sharing what I’ve learned with others and helping them on the path towards achieving financial freedom and security, and sharing our own goals and achievements as well.

Why “A Jar of Pennies”? 

A Jar of Pennies really has a double meaning. Firstly, it’s a representation of how quickly pennies add up to be dollars if you put them all together (see the snowflaking post). Secondly, you know the phrase “a penny for your thoughts”? Here are my thoughts… a whole pile of them. 😉

I’m so happy to be here in this little space, sharing pieces of my life with you. I hope you come away refreshed, inspired, and motivated!

If you click on a menu link and get a “nothing found” message, it’s because I probably don’t have anything up in that category yet, but I have posts in the works – so check back soon!


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